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Smart Switch Module with RF433 Signal Without Neutral Wire

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This is a RF 433MHz Smart Switch module without neutral wire and no need to install a capacitor if you are using  5-150W bulbs,For the bulb below 5W,We suggest to install a capacitor to avoiding flickers.Meanwhile,It is support 2 way control.

Features for Module:

  1. Without Neutral wire: no need for neutral wire, suitable for most families, no need to climb to the ceiling to install, more convenient
  2. No need to install capacitors: 5-150W bulbs do not need to install capacitors. If the bulb below 5W flickers, you can install a capacitor at the bulb position
  3. Mini body: it can be directly installed in the switch bottom box, which is more convenient for maintenance and installation
  4. 100m open distance, more convenient to use, the actual distance depends on the obstacles, the more obstacles, the shorter the distance and the more serious the signal loss
  5. After power off, call again, the default is off
  6. Support 2 way control: can be used with the 2 way control switch before connecting to the home

Features for Remote Control:

  1. 10-key remote control, one remote control can control multiple devices, more convenient

  2. With bracket design, it can be installed on the wall or removed for use, and the remote control can be placed more flexibly

Module specification:

  • Voltage: 100~240V, 50-60HZ
  • Power: 5W<150W per channel
  • Working frequency: 433.92MHZ
  • Material: PC flame retardant V0
  • Dimensions: 59x42x20mm
  • Learning Code: EV 1527
  • Mode: ASK
  • Acceptance distance: 100M open distance
  • The remote control is compatible with EV1527 2262 chip, but does not support rolling code chip remote control of HCS101, HCS200, HCS300, HCS301

Remote control specification:

  • Working frequency: 433.92MHZ
  • Modulation method: ASK
  • Size: 110*37*14(mm)
  • 12V 23A battery 1PC (without battery)


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