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WiFi Smart Fan Switch Mini Module

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  1. Support reset switch, touch switch, mechanical switch, speed control switch.
  2. WIFI+Bluetooth dual mode, the network distribution is faster and more stable
  3. Tuya program, support Amazon speakers, Google speakers, Tmall Genie, you can adjust the speed by voice
  4. Mini body, can be put into the bottom box, the installation is more convenient
  5. After disconnection, once the WIFI is activated again, the devices connected to the module will automatically connect to your WIFI network


  • Voltage: 85~250V, 50-60HZ
  • Power: 5~150W
  • WIFI Standard: 2.4GHz IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
  • Material: PC flame retardant V0
  • Dimensions: 59x42x20mm


  • This product only supports ceiling fans, not fan lights
  • When distributing the network, please operate with the breaker closed.
  • Press and hold the reset switch to directly adjust the speed. When adjusting faster or slower, please release the switch and operate again.
  • Touch switches and other mechanical switches can only operate on and off, and cannot support adjusting the speed. Must first ensure that the switch is open, the circuit breaker can work
  • If the fan does not work after adjusting the speed, please adjust the minimum speed of the fan.
  • Due to the different compatibility and quality of different fans, the minimum speed is also different
  • The timer function can only time the on and off of the fan, and does not support the speed of the timer fan.
  • When connecting to Wifi signal, please turn on Bluetooth and WIFI, so the connection speed will be faster