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WiFi RF433 Smart Light Switch US 110V Neutral Wire Not Required

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This is a switch comes with WIFI+433MHz signal,which can be used with remote control or wireless switch to achieve the effect of controlling one light in multiple places. There is no neutral wire required for this switch,So more convenient to install it,only required a capacitor at the bulb of L1.


  1. WIFI+433: It can be used with remote control or wireless switch to achieve the effect of controlling one light in multiple places.
  2. No need for neutral line: simpler installation, suitable for more families. But you need to install a capacitor at the bulb of L1
  3. Weak backlight design: We optimized the brightness of the backlight, soft backlight, not glare, and will not affect the rest of the family at night
  4. Application remote control: As long as your smartphone or tablet has a 4G or WIFI network, you can control your lights through the "Tuya Smart or Smart Life" App.
  5. Voice control: It is perfectly compatible with Alexa and can be used with Google Home and Tmall Genie.
  6. Timing setting: Set a schedule or timer to turn on/off the lights at night and in the morning, and then when you go home at dusk, you will never return to the dark house.
  7. Sharing and group control: Share devices with family members to eliminate additional connection steps.
  8. Smart scenes: Create your own scenes and trigger ON/OFF appliances by starting mode, home mode or other environmental conditions.
  9. Safety and certification: The wall switch adopts high-quality materials, such as fire-resistant casing, phosphor bronze connection and advanced PC+ tempered glass, which can provide fire and overload protection to protect your family.


1. This smart switch can be used with 433mhz radio frequency transmitter. Control range: ≤15M.
2. The capacitor must be connected to the L and N of the L1 lamp, not behind the switch
3. Bulb note: L1 does not support fluorescent lamps and energy-saving lamps. If you need to install fluorescent lamps and energy-saving lamps, you can install them on L2/L3/L4. L1 only supports LED lamps and tungsten lamps.
4. Regardless of whether the light bulb with dimming function is connected or not, the switch does not have the dimming function, and can only control the light on and off.


  • Working frequency: 433MHZ
  • AC 100V-240V 60HZ/50HZ
  • Wiring: single live wire
  • Maximum. Load current: 10A
  • Maximum. Power: 0-1000W/total
  • WiFi standard: 2.4GHz 802.11 b/g/n
  • Application name: Tuya Smart/Smart Life
Wi-Fi RF433 control
two indicator color
No neutral US smart switch