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Wifi Smart Temperature Humidity Sensor

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1. If you need to realize the linkage function, such as using with the air conditioner, you can use the universal infrared remote control to realize the linkage. If it is matched with a humidifier, it can be linked with a zigbee switch, or you can contact customer service to purchase.
2. Bluetooth is only used for network signal connection and cannot be used alone. WIFI+Bluetooth is more stable


1. [Wifi+Bluetooth Dual Mode]: Connect to the network faster. Connect to the network 2 times faster than only Wifi

2. [High temperature and low temperature alarm]: Once the temperature exceeds the set value, the phone will prompt an alarm

3. [High humidity and low humidity alarm]: Once the humidity exceeds the set value, the phone will prompt an alarm

4. [Real-time monitoring]: battery powered AAA1.5V*2 (battery not included), low power consumption, according to the system default settings, it can be used for about 1 year.

5. [Temperature and Humidity Curve]: Record the temperature and humidity changes on the APP and present them with graphics. It is more intuitive to let you know the latest data changes

6. [Various installation methods]: It can be placed directly on the table or pasted on the wall. It is more convenient and beautiful without the data cable

7. [Scene linkage]: The sensor can be used as a temperature and humidity data source for Tuya Smart, Smart Life, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home. You can perform many automated processes based on data sources.

8. [Temperature unit switch]: The sensor is designed with Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature conversion function. You can select the units you want to display according to your needs. 

9. [Voice Support]: The sensor supports Amazon Alexa, Google Home Assistant. You can hear the current temperature and humidity by voice.


Size: 70*20*25mm
Power supply: AAA1.5V*2 (battery not included)
Wi-Fi Support: 2.4G IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
Temperature measurement range: -10℃~55℃
Temperature accuracy: ±0.3
Humidity measurement range: 10%~99%RH
Humidity Accuracy: ±3% RH